Roadmender Volumetric Process

Roadmender Asphalt is a mobile volumetric process producing premium quality Hot-Mix Asphalt for Pot-Hole Patching and Utility Reinstatements in all-weather conditions.

While the finished mix is no different to premium grade asphalt you can collect from a plant, the Roadmender process delivers significant Operating Efficiencies, Performance Benefits and Cost Savings.

With Roadmender Asphalt you can now make your own durable, long-lasting asphalt hot-mix:

  • In just the quantity you need
  • At the correct temperature for ideal compaction
  • Directly at the job site, with no waste and
  • Without the need to visit an asphalt plant.

The Roadmender machine is available in 2 different sizes: The Roadmender 350 produces up to 350kg’s of hot-mix asphalt per 10 – 12 minute cycle, and the Roadmender 500 produces up to 500kg’s of hot-mix asphalt per 10 – 15 minute cycle. Roadmender machines are intended for use by Utilities and Highway Maintenance Contractors for small works patching applications.

Roadmender Asphalt provides hot-mix asphalt ON-DEMAND, which means a long-term, durable fix for superior roadway maintenance at substantial savings. A cost-effective way to conserve resources, improve our roadway infrastructure and your bottom line. Roadmender Asphalt eliminates trips to the hot mix plant, so no more waiting in line and wasting valuable man-hours.

No more re-patching of cold-patched holes. With Roadmender Asphalt, patching and repair work can now be done anywhere, anytime on your own schedule without reliance on the local asphalt plant and with superior longer-lasting results.

Roadmender – Sustainable, efficient, cost effective self-delivery of Polymer Modified Hot-Mix Asphalt for small works applications.

Roadmender Asphalt is available in all grades of AC, SMA and HRA and is supplied to customers in 1-ton pallets of 20kg bags.

Roadmender Asphalt is CE marked to EN 13108 and PTSPAS Certified in accordance with MCHW SHW Volume 1 Clause 104.15 and 104.16. 

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  • By avoiding interims, temporary repairs, hot boxes, increased travel, and upcharges on nights, weekends and holidays, traffic management and permitting, late overruns, wasted time, and wasted material; the Roadmender is able to deliver meaningful savings to any yard
  • Saving time not having to collect hot asphalt and gaining additional working hours after a traditional team’s asphalt has lost its temperature; the Roadmender is able to close more patches throughout the day
  • It can switch between different materials throughout the day, helping to facilitate planning, driving efficiency and minimizing waste
  • It can supply small loads to other gangs coming back to the yard to get them back out patching
  • It can go out and make permanent repairs at night with whatever material is required
  • It's available at weekends and holidays at no extra cost
  • It can easily handle remote patches in different materials as part of a standard day
  • It can also make red asphalt with no waste
  • The bagged material means teams can carry out other works like slab work between patches, without time constraints
  • Bagged mix also avoids wasted hot-mix caused by bad weather delays so teams can maximize profitability and minimize waste
  • Roadmender teams can start at whatever time makes most sense, reducing congestion in the yard at peak times and giving backfill teams time to get ahead of them
  • 2-man teams at remote yards may only complete 8 patches a day. With the Roadmender, these can be completed by 11am, leaving 5 hours to double productivity or do other things
  • The cost savings and efficiencies also lead to a number of other benefits in terms of improved customer satisfaction, reduced traffic, reduced vehicle movements, less patches left open to weather damage or that can cause accidents and lower carbon emissions associated with wasted material, fuel and vehicle movements